We would like to present our company. We have been breathing new life into tradition whilst remaining faithful to the values of days gone by.
The company is open to new technologies although it still gears towards dialogue and personal contact with each individual customer. Quality, cost containment, assessment of standards, production flexibility and enormous respect for the experience of the professional enable us to approach the market with extensive know-how.
Whatever the trends and challenges facing it, Friultone Chairs is ready to respond. Our strengths lie in our ability to anticipate the way the market is heading, giving all our products a lead with technologically advanced solutions, not to mention a complete and personalised service.
For us, every customer is as unique as our dedication to our work.


Friultone Chairs is a name meaning substance, both as of top quality standard and width of line range.
As all substantial things should be measured and evaluated by numbers, we are glad to submit ours to you as follows:
15.000 sqm: headquarters and plants which can be compared with the biggest competitors in the field.
50.000 stored items: an extraordinarily wide range to meet any market demand, the most original or innovative included.
The only thing above numbers cannot tell is the accuracy of the Custome Care service. Thus you are kindly invited to contact us: you will find a world of professional and friends. Come along!